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A Natural Bob is widely celebrated as one of the pioneers of the video game business and a true "natural" in software design and development.

Great track record! As co-founder of both Activision and Accolade Bob broke new ground in his game design as well as entrepreneurial ventures. Activision became the first independent video game company to design and market games for a variety of video game systems, going public in 1983. Accolade became his second start-up where he showed his talent in computer game design while also demonstrating his knowledge and skill set in software development as an Executive Vice President. Bob with his behind-the-scenes, self-effacing, team-player style has proven to be one of the truly refreshing Silicon Valley entrepreneurial success stories.

Only out of college just two years, Bob was one of the first game programmers recruited by Atari to design some of the initial cartridges of the Atari VCS (Atari 2600). Just prior, Mr. Whitehead's degree at San Jose State University in Computer Mathematics gave him enough computer-related "brownie points" to easily find a government-related programming job, recruited right out of school to work on voice and pattern recognition. However, game design was to become his "natural" calling, with hit games, innovative technical skills, hard work, and quick results, all becoming his trademarks.

Bob's professional life would abruptly give way to his personal passions. In 1987, while in the middle of a great career in the entertainment software industry, at the age of 33, he would retire, for the first time, as a gamer and pursue his non-secular passions. For the next four years he and his wife, Karron, worked with low income, inner-city families, focusing on the children. Forever changed as a result, his heart's theme became, "ruined for the ordinary." Even though he would have a short return to the game business as an executive, Bob's true passion was helping people in need and assisting those who shared his vision. After retiring for the second time, in 1992, he began to work with non-profit start-ups. Using his business success, Bob Whitehead has been able to share with others his entrepreneurial experience and accomplishment, and at the same time encounter a windfall of godsends watching new visions being birthed in others and assisting their growth.

Bob's latest interests and energies have been directed toward the expanding mobile, cell phone, and online businesses. He has recently worked with the Verizon Developer Community including managing the developer website content, supporting the developer tools and APIs, maintaining Verizon's technical support, and the Verizon Apps store(now closed). With Bob's departure from Verizon, look for more from him in iOS and mobile app development.

Bob still resides with his family close to the Silicon Valley area.

Energitic, Driven, Experienced, Successful, Results, ...

Impact Player! Bob Whitehead's game titles:

Black Jack
Home Run
Video Chess
Chopper Command
Sky Jinks

4th and Inches

... and a few others